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Is It Proper for a Married Woman to Dress in these Fashion When Going Outing? (See Photos)

This is one popular issue that has brought a lot of controversies among various organizations and religious bodies. Many people have heavily debated on the issue of a woman’s choice of fashion and how it affects the society at large. According to so many religious organizations, they believe that a women’s lifestyle, taste, career and even choice of fashion should be undisputedly subjected under her husband’s will and choices. 

Fashion and body adornment is one common aspect of life you cannot denial a woman of, according to human psychology, fashion and elegant dressing plays a huge significance in a woman confidence and self esteem. Needless to say, it is not wrong for a woman, whether married or single to be fashion inclined; but I think it’s wrong when her choice of fashion begins to pose a threat to her marriage; as men will unavoidably start wooing her because of her dressing, and you know this act can lead to a shaking her marriage once the husband becomes aware of it. 

In my opinion, immoral dressing can invariably shatter a well built marriage, most especially when the dress in question reveals a sensitive body part or endowment. 

Below are photos of women seductively dressed(in my opinion) . Do you think it is proper or improper for a married woman to dress this way especially when going outing? Share your opinion in the comment section below. Thank you.  


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