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Drive Carefully When You See Containers: See Photos Of Containers That Fell on Cars

There is no King in driving, as far as driving is concerned everyone is a learner. Before I proceed to the subject matter of this article, I would like to sincerely sympathize with those who have lost their family member,or friends in tragic container accident.

You would agree with me that we live in a country where the government rarely provides important amenities to the citizens. With the present raining season ,so many roads have been destroyed, almost every road in many parts of the Nigeria has a large pot holes.

In Lagos where I live, so many roads are an eyesore to humanity, sometimes I wonder why Nigeria is called a developing nation I think it’s should be termed as underdeveloped country.

Even with the bad roads people still go out in search of their daily bread. People go out with their cars, truck drivers step out with their trucks also because they need to feed their families.

This article is strictly aimed at advicing drivers to be careful anytime they see trucks carrying containers on the highway. This trucks carrying containers are important asset to the country, they are the only means through which goods are transported to different part of the country.

In this article I would be showing you havoc’s caused by this trucks carrying containers. Before we proceed to see various photos showing the degree of road accident caused by containers let us take a look at the major causes of the accident.

Major causes of container falling on cars.

1. Bad road

Bad road has always been the major contributor to high level of accident caused by containers. You would agree with me that if the road were smooth without a pothole, containers falling will reduce drastically.With the present raining season,the highway has become an eyesore to road users.

2Impatient from driver’s

I live in Lagos where most commercial drivers think they can outsmart other drivers. I sincerely can’t imagine countless times I have personally shouted at commercial drivers to allow a truck carrying a container to pass .

Both the truck drivers and the car drivers are impatient,they drag the road as if it was built by their father. On the process of trying to outsmart each other a container can fall off on the car.Please when ever you see a truck carrying a container kindly be patience.

Back to the subject matter of this article see below few photos of containers that fell on cars

As you can see the intensity of damaged caused by this heavy containers. Only God can save us. The truth is this type of accident will continue until the the Federal Government plays an effective part by repairing damaged roads.

How developed countries transport their goods via containers.

In developed countries, goods are also transported via containers, but the difference is, containers move via trains(railway) and not on the major roads as you can see below.

I pray that one day our Government will see reasons to look into the high rise of accidents caused by fallen containers.

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