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You Will Be Running After Yahoo Boys” – A Man Blasts A Young Lady Who Ran Mad On Isawo, Ikorodu.

Many young girls of this age, really don’t want to find something meaningful doing for themselves. They prefer following young boys who are busy scamming people, everywhere. As a matter of fact, most of these young boys scam people just to please their alleged girls. We have heard of how all these young girls, get used for rituals by these desperate boys, who wants to make money by every means possible. It’s very unfortunate that most of these girls, wants to live large, use the latest iPhone and even drive the latest cars if possible. These girls are sometimes used as the bait for all these victims, who get scammed by these boys, they’re most times the ones helping these boys communicate with the people they end up duping.

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A video has surfaced online showing a young lady seen displaying madness on Isawo Road, precisely around mechanic village of Agric, Ikorodu area of Lagos State. She was seen displaying madness on the road, most of all these girls wouldn’t follow guys who are struggling to make it, but would be running after Yahoo boys, who scam innocent people of the society of their hard earned money – says the man behind the camera

The young lady, took off her hair and began using it to waving as one controlling traffic by the road side and dancing to an imaginary music being played for her, while it’s raining as everywhere is wet

Most of all these boys and girls parents/guardians should share in this blame too, as some of them are in the habit of challenging their children, using other children they don’t know the source of their wealth to taunt them, making them feel so inadequate. They go about comparing them with their mates they see with big cars, wearing nice clothes without knowing the source of their wealth.

The society we live in today, is gradually becoming a decaying one. Young girls should learn skills that will put them on the right pedestal and not running after young boys, who would end up using them for money rituals.

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What do you have to tell a girl in this kind of relationship?


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